Laura Powers

19 Jan 2015

eBrandz had been doing SEO for my small business for three years and have provided excellent value and exceptional service. I am in an extremely competitive business and eBrandz has kept me viable through some difficult economic times. They respond instantly to my inquiries and requests and are unfailingly polite and helpful. I am a one woman operation and sometimes push back the things that don’t involve a live client right in front of me. Tejpal and the people at eBrandz do a fantastic job of politely prodding me to do whatever needs to be done to keep myself on the first page of Google. I found them three years ago by reading reviews and I picked the right company!

Sam Lou

19 Feb 2015

The Ebrandz team are very willing to listen to our opionion and suggestions and has responded to our requests promptly. They are very willing to learn the nature of our products in order to improve the quality of the service for us. More importantly, they did improve the ranking of the keywords related to our products greatly. We are one of the satisfied customers.

Kevin Fiume

19 Feb 2015

I originally signed up w ebranz for 6 months. I’m a VERY skeptical New Yorker , in business 31 years and get calls and emails from these seo people constantly. Usually I hang up on them. eBranz never called me , I did some homework and found them via their own SEO work !! Suffice it to say I just re-upped with them for 6 more months. I’m on the first page google with about 4 or 5 keywords out of the 20 I bought, On bing I’m first page with most of them. We are in a competitive market. Bottom line; I’d refer them to my kids !!


Chris Mitchell

19 Feb 2015

Ebrandz is by far the best SEO company I have ever worked with. They helped my client get to page 1 in just 2 months, and the client dashboard and reporting is amazing! I highly recommend to anyone looking for awesome SEO, and especially for agencies looking for whitelabel services!


Alexandre Isobe

19 Feb 2015

Been using eBrandz for over a year now and we love it. The SEO is what we chose and it gave great results in the span of the first 3 months. We will continue using the service as long as it is needed. Sachin Patil is our contact with eBrandz and he’s always been helpful and around the clock for all our needs!

Pro Flow Dynamics

19 Feb 2015

Our company provides diverse fluid handling equipment for various industries. It is important for us as a ecommerce company to have proper SEO & SEM services. Ankit and his team at eBrandz helped us achieve the best results possible. I would recommend eBrandz and Ankit’s team to any company looking to grow their organic presence on the web.
Clark Beesley (General Manager)


Daniel Westhead

19 Feb 2015

I found eBrandz after our website was hit by the latest Google Panda update. A previous SEO firm we worked with had given us some bad advice and our rankings dropped overnight from the majority predominantly page being 1 to most falling to page 5, 8, 10 or even worse.
I spoke with Tariq at eBrandz who let us know what the issue was and what needed to be done to fix it. We went ahead and I started working with Rahul as my project manager.
Within 1 month (and a lot of intensive work from the eBrandz team) the results were amazing. 50% of the 35 keywords were back on page 1, with the 8 more on page 2. This was great for our business as our traffic and sales had dropped significantly since the Google penalty.
Outside of the results I can’t speak highly enough about Rahul and the team. They are so easy to work with, so responsive and it feels like they are genuinely interested in making our business a success… I would recommend them to anyone. 10/10.



19 Feb 2015

eBrandz has been doing SEO and PPC work for my firm for years now. The appreciable gains in business that we have a seen as a direct result have translated to substantial increased revenue. While they are a lot of options in this field, eBrandz has demonstrated skill and competence that far exceeds any competitors.


Jennette Ballas

19 Feb 2015

eBrandz is excellent to work with. I work for a small digital agency and have relied on them for several of our client accounts. They are a great extension of our team, are extremely polite and stay up and inform us of the latest trends.


Andre Moore

19 Feb 2015

Before deciding to work with Ebrandz, I asked them for references which they happily provided. All the references were excellent.
It took Kaustubh Bonde, the Ebrandz technical specialist assigned to work with me, less than 3 months to get me into the all important Google 7-Pack Place Listings for 10 out of 20 keywords, and still counting!
Kaustubh and his colleagues at Ebrandz have an exceptionally high level of technical expertise and I wish them every success in the years ahead.


Robert Maratea

19 Feb 2015

eBrandz is an amazing company to do business with! First and foremost, they do exactly what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it. The results speak for themselves – 4 months into an SEO campaign I am precisely where I’d hoped to be with results improving weekly. Beyond this, the good people at eBrandz are methodical, communicative, responsive and have the some of the best customer service ever I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with. I would recommend them to anyone by my competition!


Etienne Turner

19 Feb 2015

We have been working with Sumit for about 5 months and we have already seen a dramatic increase in organic traffic. That’s all great and what not, but what we are really satisfied with is Sumit’s hard work ethic. Whenever we have a question or a request, and we have a lot of them, he always finds the time to address those issues. I’m not sure where we would be with out Sumit. Thanks Sumit.


uzor odiakosa

19 Feb 2015

First of all i will like to thank Ganesh, and Paul , and the rest of the TEAMS of eBrandz this company deliver what they promise. They have a nice dashboard where you can track your campaign, i have try a lot of SEO company but no effective result , but with ebrandz is a total different experience most of my Keywords are gaining a lot of exposure , i will highly recommend this company to anyone that want to grow he or her company NOT SHORT TEAM , BUT LONG TEAM because seo is perseverance


Justin Ritchie

19 Feb 2015

Our firm has been using eBrandz for two years now and we are very pleased with their dedication and service to our needs. Yash and his team are experts in their field and always just a phone call or email away whenever we need them. Out of all the companies we have used, eBrandz is the only one that has consistently delivered results by promoting our online presence, while providing excellent service in the process. They will continue to be our go-to resource.


Robert Ong

19 Feb 2015

My SEO company uses EBrandz as a fulfillment team and we are very happy with their work. Tejpal is my contact and project manager and he is attentive, available, and prompt and thorough. They have changed our business operations immensely and have allowed us to do what we do best. Market and work with the clients in enhancing their revenues while eBrandz can deal with the heavy lifting of guest blogging, link building, social bookmarking, and keyword analysis.
My team is in Mumbai and NYC and I have access via Skype video calls all the time. Tejpal is available all the time as we have communicated via email from his home. That is dedication! We have developed into friends over a short time as I rely on his expertise and professional work to run a successful business.
I was concerned that growing my business would keep me from getting the work done and prohibit growth, but on the contrary, eBrandz with Tejpal’s guidance has enabled us to grow with confidence and allow my life to be free and focused on that which is most important while my client’s needs from an SEO standpoint are being met.
Strongly endorse these guys! I will say that having the right project manager is vital. Tejpal is definitely a top professional always!


Daniel Kogan

19 Feb 2015

I’ve been working with Rahul and team as an extension to our current SEO team for some heavy lifting and I have to say they’re great. Rahul has a great understanding of SEO and every project we’ve completed together has always gained in SEO. I will continue working with eBrandz for our tough projects and Rahul is our Go-To guy.


Frank Prieto

19 Feb 2015

Finding an SEO Reseller is not an easy task because you really don’t know if they deliver what they promise, until you actually start working with them. This is a risky proposition because if they do shoddy work, your client will not see a return on their SEO investment and your reputation will suffer.
Before I started working with eBrandz, I had bad experiences with two other SEO Resellers. It’s funny how some SEO Resellers make a big deal about their dashboard, while their backend (the SEO grunt work that really matters) is a joke. So I wasn’t very optimistic that eBrandz was going to come through. This was going to be my last attempt before bringing 100% of the work in-house.
After 60 days of closely monitoring their work (both on-page and off-page) on a test account, I finally convinced myself that they were the real deal. With eBrandz you will see rankings improve steadily with the reassurance that your sites are in good hands because they do real SEO work. If you want to spam the search engines, eBrandz is not for you. Their dashboard is great, but that’s not why I use them because a dashboard is nothing more than a tool. At the end of the day, what really matters is that the SEO work is getting done – and getting done right.
It is a pleasure working with Sachin Patil. He always goes the extra mile to make sure there are no delays. I highly recommend the eBrandz team. They are my secret weapon.



19 Feb 2015

The services of eBrandz are par-excellence.
We, ourselves being an online services provider, know how important it is to handover your Internet Marketing and Pay Per Click services to someone who is an expert at it and understands the intricacies of managing it effectively. eBrandz hence was a natural choice for us as they have been in the industry since long and have also received unanimously good reviews on multiple third party review platforms on the internet.
The services and the level of support we’ve received from eBrandz over the last few months have been outstanding. Their staff is knowledgeable, friendly and goes out of their way to help you get the most out of your association with them. They understand and value the faith you put in their services and reciprocate it by providing consistently quality work.
Definite two thumbs-up and highly recommended for anyone and everyone who wants to handover their Internet Marketing to an organization that knows exactly what it is doing and is a pro at it.
You guys rock :)

Bob Lee

19 Feb 2015

At Wolf-Gordon we have been using Sumit and his team of SEO experts at eBrandz for 4 years. Each month we notice increase in traffic – and most of all more activity on the site. eBrandz keeps way ahead of the curve on the ever changing SEO parameters, keeping us apprised when necessary to make slight modifications on our website to attract more eye on the site. The monthly reports showing our targeted keyword reports showing both increase and decrease in page rankings is very helpful in order to know what people are looking for and if they are finding us. All I can say is that I would be totally lost with Sumit . He guides us though the maze of the SEO environment with measurable results that we have been very satisfied with and plan to continue.


Phil Lip

19 Feb 2015

I’ve been using eBrandz now for approx. 1 year. I want to give a big thanks to Sumit and Yash. Both are very knowledgeable in their roles. They are current on best practices. Sumit and his team have helped steer my site away from any Google penalties that it otherwise might have gotten, and increased my site’s traffic. Just today, I saw a nice jump in rankings. I can honestly say my traffic has increased from their efforts. They’ve even gone above and beyond by making some vital programming changes to my site. In sum, I’ll continue to use their services.